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the imaginary line

Borders are created with the intention to divide, so what happens when you intend to do the opposite? We live in a time where information sharing has a large influence on our daily lives. In this day and age, there is a global conversation surrounding the status of borders and consequently, a large politically-laced influence. Borders are closing off, freedom is disappearing and as a result? People are anxious. People are afraid. How does an imaginary line created by man become the international symbol of discomfort?

Scharnitz is a small town in Austria with a big occupation. It is one of the defenders of its territory and the protectors of its nation. Scharnitz is a border town and topographical gateway The site of the existing "border" lies in the narrowest part of the valley of the mountainous Austria heading into the endless plains of Germany. It is invisible, dangerous and lacks architectural attraction. This project acts as a response to the current situation:limited public space and a lack of recognition of an international border in Scharnitz. The solution is the proposal of a threshold that bridges this broadening divide.

Through the exploration of depths and the idea of entropy, this project will become a collaboration between politics and nature,
allowing locals and tourists alike to celebrate their identity and national pride 

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