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introducing: stories

hey friends, welcome.

I would love to officially introduce to you all, 'stories' - the original project that inspired this very purple brand.

My entire life, I have always been a storyteller. Whether it's been through dance, art, design, photography or video, my primary goal has always been to uniquely capture a moment so one is able to vividly relive the memory or emotion in the future.

Stories by Z, like a lot of other brands, came (back) to life early 2020. From the outside, it may look like your average COVID-19 lockdown passion project, however it has been something that has been in the works since I started university back in 2014. What initially launched as a platform to share my travel photography and experiences, Stories by Z in 2020 did a 180 and became my own little bubble where I really explored my extreme creative side. I had no idea that the outcome of me trying to train myself to become more confident in Adobe Illustrator would turn into my full time job. (ignoring the fact that the pandemic left me unemployed as f but let's talk about that later xoxo)

With SBZ 2.0, I want to go back to my brand's roots and re-enter the blogging universe armed with YOUR story. Starting 2021, I will be interviewing an artist in this community every week about their personal story, uncovering the real and raw details of the human behind the account and going beyond the surface of "I've started this page because of the pandemic!" I've been fortunate enough to meet some absolutely incredibly humans through SBZ, and nothing would make me more proud than to showcase to the world the people I now call my close friends.

I would like to share as many stories as possible, so if you are interested in being featured, DM me this post - I can't wait to meet the real you ♥️

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