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alessia's story

Hello! I'm so glad you're here.

Today we're chatting to Alessia Bortesi - the Tomato Queen and the creative fire cracker behind @dodlessi. Alessia is from Barcelona, Spain and If she is know for one thing, it is her kind, inclusive and colourful personality that is reflected in everything she creates. Alessia currently studies Industrial Design Engineering at Elisava and runs her @dodlessi empire in her spare time (but it should be noted that she never sleeps).

Continue reading to get to know Alessia!

Z: So 2020 was a super tough year for everyone, so how are you doing? Did you have any highlights? (it's okay if you didn’t!)

A: A highlight was creating my account and allowing myself to explore my more creative side!

Z: Your page is absolutely THRIVING and has completely blown up, congratulations, i'm so proud of you! @dodlessi is definitely becoming its own cool little brand now which is super exciting. Did you ever expect your page to get this big? Did you have a goal to grow your page or was it initially just for fun? How are the people you know/friends/family responding to your success?

A: Thank you! The support I’ve received with @dodlessi has been SO surprising to me because i honestly started it as a drawing dump! I remember reaching 500 followers and being like mom, dad, I’VE MADE IT, so you can imagine my surprise when i reached 1k and then eventually 10k! My page was 100% started just for fun and i’ve never made the switch to business mode so i think that’s why a lot of people who follow me feel like they know me so well, cause I’ve always kept it very casual. My family is greatly surprised and proud of my success and they’ve been there every single step of the way! As for my friends they’re also very impressed and they now even like to appear on my stories sometimes! I think no one expected this would happen when i started out so that’s why it’s been so exciting!